Hello, dear reader! You probably know me, or at least my spottily-updated political blog, You’ve Got Red On You.

Well, this is a record of my efforts to learn how to cook. I’ve been cooking for a while, and have been meaning to start recording my efforts in an attempt to learn from them and find good recipes easily. My husband Joe is a gloriously talented cook who’s been feeding me, shaping my palate and teaching me his secrets for nine years now. I’m a decent cook, an Alton Brown fan and an unrepentant foodie. I love to entertain and to feed my friends, and will jump on any excuse for a party. I also have allergies to wheat, iceberg lettuce, celery, various berries and raw veggies, and a few other things, so I make lots of gluten-free goodies. I get excited about learning cuisines like Indian (particularly South Indian), Mexican and Puerto Rican, which tend to be naturally wheat-free.

I’m also learning Tamil and am beginning a serious push to really, truly learn Indian cooking. The title of this blog, Nalla Sappaadu (நல்ல சாப்பாடு), means “Good Food,” and I intend to live up to it. I have a copy of Madhur Jaffrey’s tasty, informative and beautifully written “An Invitation to Indian Cooking,” and you, dear readers, will get to watch me cook my way through as much of it as possible, along with other delicious goodies from various corners of the world. I’ll try to take pictures when I can!


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