Potato and Zucchini Kofta

To the person or people who found this blog by searching for ‘potato and zucchini kofta’: I haven’t made that dish, but it sounds delicious.  If you find a good recipe, please pass it on!

Tomorrow: the amazing tomato and ginger dal we were served by our good friend Leftyprof.

Finally: congratulations to Matt and Yea on their marriage and beautiful wedding!


3 Responses to “Potato and Zucchini Kofta”

  1. roflpotato Says:

    I randomly saw this blog’s name in the recent posts and had to check it out.

    Thus ends this worthless comment.

  2. therealpotato Says:

    Glad you found me– welcome!

  3. Zlamushka Says:


    I actually did google ‘kofta’ and this entry popped up among the first. Well, I will probably be te first one here to pass on my home made ‘BAKED ZUCCHINI KOFTA’… no potatoes, but I am sure that adding them wont hurt 🙂


    Enjoy 🙂

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