The Pizza Post

All right, folks. I know I’m going to get all kinds of flak for this, but I have to ask:

Where’s the decent pizza in Philadelphia?

Maybe it’s just that I spent this weekend in New York, where I spent four years enjoying the delights of Lombardi’s (and, during my gluten-free time, Risotteria). I’m also missing the pizzas of Pittsburgh: the flavorful crusts at Church Brew Works, the wood-fired creations in the back at Enrico Biscotti, the gooey grease bomb at the O.

I’ve had OK pizza in Philly. Dock Street isn’t bad; the soup-nazi types at Lorenzo’s don’t live up to the hype. We even have a pizza truck (!) in my neighborhood, which would be totally awesome if the slices didn’t taste like cardboard. But I have to be honest, most of what I’ve tried has been abysmal. The best pizza I’ve had in Philadelphia was one I made myself.

But I know, I know, deep in my heart, that Philly’s got good pizza. It’s here, somewhere. I want to believe.

So I’m asking you, dear readers: Enlighten me. I promise to review the top picks.

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6 Responses to “The Pizza Post”

  1. pal002 Says:

    Most definitely the best pizza in Philadelphia is at “The Best House,” (Formerly The Wurst House) on 43rd and Baltimore; It’s no Sal & Carmine’s, but c’mon youse guys, it’s Philly.

    That was one of our big complaints moving to Philly; All the pizza was obviously frozen and crappy. The whole time we lived in South Philly we couldn’t find decent delivery pizza. Since moving to West Phila, it’s the Best House or bust.

  2. Alex Says:

    You dare praise the greasy O pizza? After all the times I yelled at you for wiping your slice with a napkin before you’d eat it? You’ve got your nerve lady!

  3. Aaron Says:

    First of all, thanks for adding us to your blogroll! We’ll be sure to reciprocate once we get that feature going.
    Re: pizza in Philly. I’ve read many good things about Vetri Osteria ( I’d love to see you review that place, as it’s definitely on my “to-eat” list if I ever make it over to Philly. Should only be a matter of time, as fate can only keep me away from a gelateria as lauded as Capogiro for so long. 🙂

  4. Joe Says:

    I think there is really good “gourmet” style pizza around. Rustica in NoLibs is excellent. I especially like their “Old Smokey” which is a red pie with pancetta and smoked mozzerella. And the pizzas at Osteria are very good. But what we haven’t seen is just an excellent standard pizza that you don’t have to drop $20 on. We want to try Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizza on Walnut. That looks promising. So far, the best pizza that I have had is NYPD Pizza. But even that lacks something that even our corner pizza shop in Ridgewood, Queens had.

  5. therealpotato Says:

    Thanks all!

    P Lo– Sweet, we should get that next time we hang out…

    Aaron– any time! I actually did review Osteria– you can check it out here. It’s wonderful.

    Joe– you’re overrating Rustica. It’s good, yes, but kind of gimmicky. And yes, I forgot about Osteria. If only we could afford to go more than twice a year!

    They say that the mineral content of the water in NYC is the source of the pizza’s unique taste. I know it can’t be reproduced, but there’s still gotta be good pizza.

    Alex– hahaha. OK, you have a point. Perhaps I’m missing the good times at the O rather than the actual pizza. Remember how our shoes used to slip on the grease residue on the floor? Oh man.

    Also, I MISS YOU!

  6. albert Says:

    i moved to philly 3.5 years ago from NY so i was in this search for quite a bit as well. for a regular slice (not a brick oven pie), the best place, by far, is NYPD on 11/Walnut. the owner’s from brooklyn, the staff is his family and they know how to make a good slice.

    if you like sweet sauce (i don’t) lazaro’s on 18/south will do. their slices are good, except they have a (disgusting) sweet sauce making their slices inedible.

    as far as nyc goes, i spent most of my pizza eating time at ben’s in soho and recently discovered joe’s by w. 4th.

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