Fishtown Featured in the New York Times

Fishtown is featured in the New York Times today!

They’ve even recommended Ida Mae’s Bruncherie, our round-the-corner neighbors. Ida Mae’s recently discontinued dinner service, but perhaps the Times will give them the boost they need to bring it back.

I’m not sure about the article’s certainty that “these days artists easily outnumber fishermen and heroin addicts.” Fishermen, maybe. The heroin problem definitely hasn’t gone anywhere. But what all of the ‘up-and-coming’ articles forget is that the vast majority of Fishtowners are neither artists nor addicts: they’re just working-class people whose rents are starting to skyrocket. People in the neighborhood are happy to have good places to go and eat, but “luxury condos, upscale restaurants, galleries and high-end shops” still aren’t relevant to most of the people who are actually from the area, and will probably end up pricing out the people who’ve grown up here. How about some affordable housing for local families? Maybe enough fire and EMS resources to actually answer emergency calls before people die? Or perhaps funding for existing local businesses like Emo’s Pizza, who recently suffered a small fire and had the support of the entire neighborhood. The wonderful couple who runs Emo’s is a part of the fabric of life here, and I bet they’d love to expand and attract all those new customers.

That’s why I’m all for supporting the new businesses who make an effort to become part of the neighborhood– Johnny Brenda’s, though it’s full of often-obnoxious hipsters, features beer and food that’s not only local, but from right in the neighborhood, as does the Rocket Cat Cafe, to name a couple of examples. Half-million-dollar condos and greedy casinos, on the other hand, don’t give a shit about the people of Fishtown. We should greet them like the carpetbaggers they are, not assume that gentrification is automatically a positive thing for everyone involved, as this article does.

P.S. Fish cakes? On a hot dog? Hmm. Clearly I need to swing by Johnny’s Hots and find out what this is all about…

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One Response to “Fishtown Featured in the New York Times”

  1. pal002 Says:

    Yeah more EMS!!!

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