Rachel Ray’s Journey to the Dark Side is Complete.

And as an added bonus, the text talks about how incompetent she is in the kitchen.

Food Network, it’s over between us.


21 Responses to “Rachel Ray’s Journey to the Dark Side is Complete.”

  1. Catch up Says:

    This was published nearly five years ago.

    Way to stay on top of things.

  2. therealpotato Says:


    Well then I’m late in breaking up with the Food Network. You’ll have to blame Joe, he’s the one who sent it to me!

    By the way, is that you, “Hillside”? I’d recognize that trollitude of yours anywhere…

  3. jcleffie Says:

    I know it is old. The photo itself says October 2003 in the corner. The point of me sending to Sarah with the title is to emphasize what the Food Network is about these days, a lot of glitz and little substance. It also highlights the sexism of the network. Even someone with a ton more talent than Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, is expected to show some cleavage. What’s next “the babes of Food Network” calendar? The focus on a timetable of what came first or second etc. is a non-issue to me. The issue is the degeneration of a network that actually used to teach people something about food and cooking into a place where food has become secondary and where most shows are painful to watch. They should just merge with Fox and get it over with.

  4. c Says:

    i have been over Ray. Her “Yummo!” and EVOO just got to me!

    i only watch Good Eats, Ace of Cakes (i was once a cake decorator) and The Barefoot Contessa. Oh, and my 14 year-old daughter makes me watch Unwrapped and Iron Chef America. Other than those, meh.

    i think i lost respect for The Food Network around the time of Emeril’s foray into sitcomdom. Now it is what it is. i really miss Julia Child on PBS. 😦

  5. taylor Says:

    Every time I see her, I think of this picture (not because I want to, it’s just been seared into my memory). I don’t know, she’s no worse than any other celebrity out there. It’s her job!

    The EVOO is the only thing that really irks me. Abbreviations are supposed to shorten things. It takes only three syllables to say olive oil and four to say EVOO – who gives a crap if you fry onions in regular or extra virgin olive oil.

  6. c Says:

    And (this is hopefully the last i’ll have to say about the EVOO) when she uses the abbreviation for extra virgin olive oil, she then goes on to explain the abbreviation which renders the use of the abbreviation pointless.

    i don’t care about the pictures. i wish i were that cute! And at least i don’t have to hear her talking. It’s just that she’s annoying as hell.

  7. Fred Says:

    taylor said:
    “The EVOO is the only thing that really irks me. Abbreviations are supposed to shorten things. It takes only three syllables to say olive oil and four to say EVOO”

    ex-tra-vir-gin-o-live-oil = 7 syllables. It’s only three WORDS. Isn’t our public school system wonderful!

  8. irishsof Says:

    “ex-tra-vir-gin-o-live-oil = 7 syllables. It’s only three WORDS. Isn’t our public school system wonderful!”

    Fred – “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” = 4 words. 😉

    She kills me – she’s totally over-exposed, but I love her recipes. Haven’t made one yet that wasn’t fantastic.

  9. workchevy Says:

    sorry you dont like it, but for a fat guy this stuff is better than porn. and don’t forget sandra lee (i love how excited she gets over cocktails)

  10. taylor Says:

    Fred – Olive Oil = three syllables. I counted them on my fingers!
    My point is who gives a crap if she’s using extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or olive oil to do her cooking. Just, simply, say olive oil!

  11. Dr Zibbs Says:

    That photo is draw dropping!

  12. therealpotato Says:

    Yeah, see, that’s the problem. Porn is all well and good if that’s your thing, but I want Food Network to be about the food. Call me old-fashioned. I don’t want them to cast on the basis of nice tits any more than Spice Channel viewers want to see Alton Brown rhapsodizing about the origins of Buffalo wings.

    Julia Child would never make it onto the Food Network today!

  13. Jonathan Says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth. WHY did I have to see that horrible picture again!!!!!!! I even have it up on my blog and I avoid it so I can begin to forget about that horrid FHM pictorial!!!! Thanks, guys. Amy @ http://www.neverfull.wordpress.com

  14. Rachel Says:

    I’m glad you posted it because I never saw it. Like her or not, Rachael Ray is pretty accomplished in the world of television gourmet. So, why does she still have to be reduced to a sex object? Would we ever see Emeril or Bobby Flay salivating over a hot-fudge dripping phallic symbol?

  15. therealpotato Says:

    Exactly, Rachel! It’s sexist and demeaning, and it also robs Food Network viewers of the chance to watch decent chefs actually doing their thing. Rachel Ray isn’t a chef and doesn’t pretend to be– anyone who saw her pathetic performance on Iron Chef America knows that too well. She deliberately infantilizes herself and seems uninterested in actually improving her kitchen chops– why would she, when she’s making mad bank just smiling cutely at the camera? Amy’s post on this topic says most of what I feel here.

    Seriously, Food Network, if you’re listening, more food, less cheesecake! Argh!

  16. pal002 Says:

    Rule number eight: “Never cook with your shirt off.”

  17. signthelist Says:

    Ugh, I can’t stand Rachel Ray. Yuck.

  18. Amit Says:

    Mmmm…two sensual delights in one package!! What’s not to like about it? 😉
    You haters!!

  19. HotStuff Says:

    Let me just say that, as a black man, I heartily endorse that photo and all that it symbolizes.

  20. Chef Joey Says:

    Are you kidding? Rachael is SMOKING HOT! I’d love to put some EVOO to some less than traditional uses (if you know what I mean)…….YUMMO!

  21. EJ.Roberts Says:

    Love all your pics got a reciepe for you Hillbilly tater steaks
    big taters can of cornbeef flour and seasonings bake and serve with A-1/CATSUP.
    If these taters dont put some meat on your bones than nothing will. AND REAL MEN LOVE MEAT.

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