Coffee Caption Contest Creates Comment Chaos

I hope so, at least.

I’m trying to quit drinking coffee, because I have Crohn’s Disease. But honestly, I’m not trying very hard, because coffee is delicious. It’s a problem, folks.

And then I found this, via FunOnTheNet:

Tell me that’s not begging for some creative captioning. Because, people, it’s Friday. And I haven’t had my fish sandwich yet.

Give it a shot!



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13 Responses to “Coffee Caption Contest Creates Comment Chaos”

  1. Jaya Says:

    I swear, sometimes there were clowns in my coffee…

  2. pal002 Says:

    “One Triple Grande, Half-caff, breve, FUCKING FACE MELTING FREAKY FUCKING FACE cappuccino please.”

  3. Cat Says:

    You know you have a caffeine addiction when….

  4. Cat Says:

    Really though, I have to take a moment to marvel at the craftsmanship. How long do you think it takes to perfect something like that? To get the suggestions of dimples in the smile, and the eyebrow juuuuust so?

  5. train Says:

    Wait, we have to stop having coffee now? WTF? When did this happen? Do I get a pass for drinking decaf?

  6. Jo Says:

    This is my first time visiting your site, and I don’t have a caption to offer, but…I do have a suggestion:
    Teeeccino! ( ) I, too, had to give up coffee a few years ago, and I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement ever since. This stuff is really good (I’ve only tried a few flavors).

  7. Jonathan Says:

    hey barrista dude, did you put acid in my coffee again?!

  8. Jonathan Says:

    what about: “No, no, no. I said a coffee with cream…”

    I think I’m on a roll…

  9. E. Says:

    “It’s said that a Cupacabra can only be killed with a triple shot to the heart.”

    “Excuse me, barista. This drink is rabid.”

    “I hate it when milk goes bad.”

  10. christine belcher Says:

    The Nightmare Before Coffee

  11. christine belcher Says:

    Jack Skellin-chino

  12. Maegan Says:

    Even your cappucino hates you…..

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