Slow Food Nation: What Does That Mean?

All right, so it’s kind of killing me that I’m not at Slow Food Nation in San Francisco this weekend– if you’re anywhere near the Bay Area, go check it out!

There will be plenty of coverage by every food blogger with the cash for a plane ticket, but so far my favorite is this appeal by Serious Eats’ Ed Levine:

I have always found the Slow Food movement here in the U.S. to be more about nonspecific soaring rhetoric and less about specific actions we can all take that actually further the cause of slow food in America. Eating delicious, sustainable, artisanal foods and calling attention to those foods is laudable, but it is not enough.

Because right now in America there are hundreds of artisanal food purveyors under siege, threatened by the mushrooming homogeneity of our food culture and the march of “progress.”

Go read the whole thing.  It’s an impassioned plea for concrete action to help the people who keep traditional American foods alive.

I think that should absolutely be a plank in the Slow Food platform.  Ultimately, though, the movement will have to deal with the question of how to rebuild the food system.  Between global warming, peak oil, natural disasters and serious safety failings in the mass production of food, we need a way to ensure that should the food distribution system be disrupted, people are still fed.  Building a locally based, organic food system will drastically reduce energy use and change the way people think about food, which can only be positive– but it’s also an insurance policy against hunger.

There seem to be some promising political meetings on this topic at Slow Food Nation– I hope we’ll be hearing more about this in the near future!

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