You know you want me…

…as your editor.

That’s why I’ve launched a website to advertise my wordsmithing services on a freelance basis.  I’ve been doing freelance copyediting, transcription, proofreading, resume writing, tutoring and coaching as long as I’ve been working– over ten years.  I’ve also spent those ten years using those skills in jobs ranging from health care to law to translation.  I’ve worked with texts translated from dozens of languages; texts written by non-native English speakers from all over the world; large technical documents, political treatises, marketing materials and advertisements.  I work quickly, thoroughly and well, and there’s absolutely no reason not to put those skills to use bringing in a little extra cash, living as I do in student loan purgatory.

If you think I write well, and you’ve got some work that needs to be done, check it out at


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