Marion Nestle on African Agriculture

Everyone’s favorite left-wing nutritionist Marion Nestle continues to be amazing.  Check out her Q&A with Eating Liberally on the fallout from her recent talk at economist Jeffrey Sachs’s Earth Institute.  It seems Sachs took exception to Nestle’s contention that perhaps a “Green Revolution” isn’t all Africa needs:

American and European food and agriculture companies that exist for the purpose of earning profits for stockholders are not going to be able to do much to help poor farmers in Africa make a living. For one thing, Western companies depend on government subsidies to keep the prices of their products down and this undermines the ability of African farmers to sell crops at a decent price.

Check it out, it’s worth reading the whole thing.


2 Responses to “Marion Nestle on African Agriculture”

  1. Sacred Harvest Says:

    Hi! I thought you might be interested to know that Oprah is doing a show today about the farm animal industry – she’ll be discussing things like humane treatment, what free-range really means and the like.
    Sacred Harvest

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