Breakfast at Tierra Colombiana

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Joe and I recently bought a car. Nothing fancy, just a cheap little used car that gets us where we need to go and doesn’t look too awful. I do most of the driving, because he works in Center City and I work up in the northern suburbs.

My new commute takes me straight up Fifth Street right until it ends. I had no idea there was so much North Philadelphia! This stretch has long been known as Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican community, although its northern reaches comprise Koreatown. It’s not a wealthy area, but it’s bustling and vibrant. If you can dodge the insane double-parkers, there are some really good eats up this way.

Of these, the most well known is probably Tierra Colombiana. This Colombian-Cuban hybrid is consistently well reviewed, though many reviewers have a tendency to worry too much about the location, which is ZOMG THE GHETTO!!!1!one!! Yeah, it’s not that bad, white people, calm the hell down. Go with a light heart, find yourself some on-street parking and prepare to be amazed. Read the rest of this entry »