Korean Noodle House: Low-Budget Joy in Philadelphia’s Koreatown

Lean in, my children, and listen closely. I’m going to tell you the secret to being a working-class foodie.

See, a lot of people assume that being a ‘foodie’ means you’ve got to go to all the best restaurants. You should be able to rave about the zillion-course omakase tasting at Masa or your $400 dinner at Per Se. You should be able to voice your own opinion on every restaurant your local critic has given four stars. You should be able to taste the difference between two bottles of Beaujolais from different vineyards, etc. And indeed, a lot of foodies are that way, or at least that’s what the New York Times’ food section tells me.

Those foodies are rich.

We here at the Potato are not rich. We are very much not rich. (Ask our student loan agents.) But we like to eat well, and we want you to eat well too.

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Giwa: Satisfying Korean Food for Winter Days


When we lived in New York City, I went to school and worked at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School and University Center, more commonly known as CUNY Grad. One of the nice things about working there, which offset the constant annoyance of tourists (the Grad Center is on the opposite corner of The Empire State Building), was that the area is filled with really good Korean restaurants. They vary in price from cheap to very expensive. Our favorite was Mandoo Bar, which served up wonderful dumplings and noodles. I hadn’t really had great Korean since we moved to Philly– until Giwa opened up down the street from where I work.

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