Restaurant Reviews

Links to the Philadelphia-area restaurants I’ve reviewed on this blog. More to come!

Bar Ferdinand

Beneluxx Tasting Room

Chez Napoleon (NYC)

Chung King Garden

Coffee House

Country’s Barbecue (Columbus, GA)

Cuba Libre




Giwa Korean Food

Higher Grounds

H.K. Golden Phoenix

Honey’s Sit’N’Eat

Hong Kong Bakery

Ida Mae’s Bruncherie

Jade Harbor

Korean Noodle House

Lakeside Chinese Deli

Les Halles (NYC)

Memphis Taproom

Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodles

Ocean Harbor



The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College

Rocket Cat Café

Sketch Burger

Soy Café

Taco Riendo

Tierra Colombiana

Tiffin Store

Wong Wong


Zhi-Wei-Guan Restaurant


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  1. FoodSciYogi Says:

    Hello! Great site! Thanks much for linking mine to yours. Al the best,

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