Pennsylvania Omelettes with Fingerling Potatoes

I was going to call this a California omelette, since it’s all about the flavors of avocado and tomato, but then Joe pointed out that the tomatoes, cheese, eggs, potatoes and onions were all locally raised in Pennsylvania.  (The avocadoes are from Mexico, by way of Trader Joe’s, and they were mostly overripe.)  So Pennsylvania omelettes it is.

This is a great dish for a lazy Saturday brunch.  Really, this is how Saturdays should be spent.  The way I see, it, our foremothers and fathers in the union movement of the 1930s fought and sometimes died to win us the weekend, and we ought to enjoy it fully.  (Ditto for lunch breaks.)

By the way, don’t skimp on the tomatoes here, because the whole dish depends on their quality.  If you use fresh, ripe, organic tomatoes that are in season, you will not regret it.  Good cheese is also crucial here.  We used some amazingly sharp, funky Colby from the Headhouse Market.

Pennsylvania Omelettes (serves 2)

1 smallish ripe, fresh heirloom tomato, diced

1/2 ripe avocado, diced

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

4 fresh eggs

1/4 cup finely grated cheese

1 tbsp sour cream or yogurt



Beat the egg in a bowl with the sour cream.  Melt a pat of butter over medium heat and toss in the garlic.  When it turns golden brown, add the egg mixture and a small pinch of salt.  Leave it alone until the egg starts to firm up, but there’s still a bit of wetness on top.  Pile the cheese, tomatoes and avocado on half of the omelette.  (Make sure to leave enough for both omelettes.)  Using a flat spatula and tilting the pan, slide it onto the plate and fold the empty half over the tomato and avocado.  Serve hot with potatoes.

Fingerling Potatoes

1/2 lb small fingerling potatoes

1/2 medium onion


Vegetable oil

Wash the fingerlings and slice them in half diagonally (to maximize the exposed surface area of the inside of the potato, because that’s what gets nice and brown).   Slice the onion into half-rings.  Pour oil into a cast iron pan 1/2 inch deep and get it good and hot.  Add the onions and fry for a minute or two.  Add the potatoes and cook on medium-high heat until the onions are brown (but not burned) and the potatoes are starting to get a little crispy on the edges.  Serve with just about anything.

I recommend starting the potatoes before starting the omelettes.  Incidentally, at least one person a day finds this blog by Googling ‘how to cook fingerling potatoes’ or something similar, so this is for you all.  Also, to whomever keeps Googling ‘are Pocky gluten free’: no.  And finally, to the person who found me by Googling ‘chocolate covered bitches’… can’t help you, dude, but thanks for the laugh.

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