Toasted Cornmeal Chicken and Garlic Flower Mashed Potatoes

Now that I’m eating actual food again, I have something to post about!  I ended up going one full week without a real meal– last night was the first successful meal I’ve had.  (Hooray!)  It looks like the culprit is most likely Crohn’s disease, but I’ll keep you posted.

Joe made this simple meal with the goal of satisfying my very hungry soul without upsetting my very angry stomach.  I’m very grateful that he succeeded.

The key to the chicken is good toasted cornmeal– it has a rich, distinctive flavor that’s so good, our dog has stolen and eaten it before.  (Really.)  We get it at the Fair Food Farmstand in the Reading Terminal Market for about $1 a bag.

Take some fairly thin chicken pieces– we used Trader Joe’s tenderloins– and coat them in an egg wash.  Roll in cornmeal.  Brown in a hot cast iron pan.   They brown very quickly and might look a bit charred, but don’t let that fool you– the browning only makes the toasted-corn flavor richer.

Now for the potatoes– last time we went shopping at the RTM, the nice man at Livengood Farms gave Joe a garlic flower– the same thing that will grow naturally if you plant a garlic bulb.  The green shoots of the garlic plant, it turns out, are delicious.  You chop it like a green onion, and the flavor is somewhere between green onion and garlic.

Make mashed potatoes.  (This is easy stuff– peel a potato, chop it up, boil the pieces, mash them with some butter and salt.)  Stir in garlic flower pieces and some grated cheddar cheese.  Serve hot. 

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7 Responses to “Toasted Cornmeal Chicken and Garlic Flower Mashed Potatoes”

  1. leftyprof Says:

    “Make mashed potatoes. (This is easy stuff– peel a potato, chop it up, boil the pieces, mash them with some butter and salt.)”

    You’ve got to taste my mashed potatoes. Wait, that didn’t sound right….

    I will make mashed potatoes for you one of these days, and you can promptly revise this shocking statement. 🙂

  2. therealpotato Says:

    Tee hee. Well, I can’t resist that offer….

  3. Harbeer Says:

    I hope you feel better and get to enjoy all the food that you…enjoy. I left you another comment on Sepia Mutiny. Thanks for getting my back.


  4. therealpotato Says:

    Thanks, Harbeer! Glad to see you fighting the good fight… 🙂

  5. peterlore Says:

    Hey! Good to hear you’re out. My partner (ambulance, not life,) and I had a round table about what might be ailing you and we decided Krohn’s as well. Good to hear you’re eating again and you guys should come for dinner and beer (while you still can) soon. Next Weekend?

  6. therealpotato Says:

    Peter, you’re on. That sounds wonderful.

  7. Shepherd’s Pie « The Real Potato. Says:

    […] make mashed potatoes.  (If you don’t know how, there are abbreviated instructions here.)  It’s best, if you have time, to let them sit for an hour or two so they’re a […]

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